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Output to a file

Post by Serafim »

I am looking for a way to output various events to a file that would be readable by a desktop widget I have running on my system so I can be updated on what's going on with Messenger.

I'm running the script through Wine on a Linux system and it runs beautifully except for a few small things. I run my mIRC client in compact mode and almost always have the main window minimized to the notification area, which means that I don't always get notified when someone has messaged me. I would like to have the MSN script output to a text file whenever I am messaged so that I can scan that file with one of my widgets to alert me to new messages that I can't see in the background.

I took a quick look through the msn.mrc file and couldn't immediately find the best place to be able to add such a thing. Is there any options to facilitate this sort of thing, and if not would you be able to point me in the right direction?
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Re: Output to a file

Post by andyc »

Thanks for the post - good to hear it works on wine, even with all the openssl stuff.

The code modification below should give you what you want to acheive. it should be fairly self explanatory, but let me know if you need any more support.

Open msn.mrc, find:

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if (%msn.flash == yes) { flash @ $+ %msn.email.msg }
Before the above line, insert:

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write temp.txt $strip(%msn.msgnick said $replace(%msn.chat.data ,Ã¥,å,ä,ä,ö,ö,Ä,Ä,Ã…,Å,Ö,Ö,Ö,Ö,õ,õ,ü,ü,á,á,é,é,$+($chr(37),20),$chr(32),è,è,à,à,ç,ç,ê,ê,ù,ù,ë,ë,ï,ï,É,É,À,À,È,È,ô,ô,â,â,ð,°,ñ,ñ,Ñ,Ñ,á,á,é,é,í,í,ó,ó,ú,ú,Á,Á,É,É,Í,Í,Ó,Ó,Ú,Ú,ü,ü,Ãœ,Ü,ø,ø,æ,æ,¡,¡,¿,¿,Æ,Æ,Ø,Ø )))
Each new message will be appended to temp.txt.
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