Use stamps to send parcels or international post with Royal Mail!

If like me you're fed up with queuing at the post office to send a parcel or international post, then this might come in handy!

This tool calculates which stamps you need to put on your item in order to get the postage up to the correct value such that you can simply throw your international post in any postbox, or drop your parcel off at your local sorting office (or squeeze it into a postbox!). You could even use one of the fancy new Parcel Postboxes. Super handy!

Parcel with stamps

Simply check that the stamp prices in the boxes below are correct (they are as of April 2024), enter your target price taken from the Royal Mail price list here, and it'll tell you which stamps to put on your item!

For example, to send a 100g Large Letter to Australia (£4.20), you'd put 2 First Class Large Letter stamps on your item, then throw it into any postbox! No queuing, boom!

If you don't have a specific stamp type available, simply clear the price from the relevant box.

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First Class Large Letter:Second Class Large Letter:
Custom Stamp 1:Custom Stamp 2:
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