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Windows Vista is now fully supported. Please read the how_to_install file for Vista installation. I recommend that mIRC 6.3 is used with Windows Vista and MSN for mIRC.

Multi line text
A feature that has been requested for a while is support for multi-line text in chat windows. This support has been added in version 3.70.

Block Checker
The latest release of MSN for mIRC includes a block checker, so you can check who has blocked you! Download it now by clicking here.

Vote in the poll below to show what you think of the new version of MSN for mIRC!

News Ticker
Yep - I decided that the Java ticker was crap, so we're now using this, a nice, simple html ticker that won't ruin browers!


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The Author

I'm Andy, author of MSN for mIRC and this site.

I'm 21, I left Fearnhill School, Letchworth, England in 2004 after getting 3 A levels in Maths, Physics and Computing, an AS level and 10 GCSE's. I'm currently in my final year at the University of Bath studying for a degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering. When I graduate next year I'm going back to work for L-3 TRL Technology, who I've just spent a year's placement with. I live in Bath, England for most of the year, home for the rest of the year is Stevenage, England.

I have a big interest in electronics. You can see a hardware project I'm currently working on by clicking here.

Feel free to add me to msn ( or e-mail me at the 'contact' address below - if you're lucky you'll get a reply! ;-)